In April 2005 I woke up with a insubstantial feeling. I remember vaguely I had received a new form of consultation during my sleep, but I could not recall what it was about exactly.

So that morning I made a connection with my reinforcements on a higher energy level and asked them ‘the how and the what’.
They were not patently obvious. I got the name ‘Pasting’ and the message that this treatment was focussed on the cellular memory. The ‘how’ I had to figure out for myself. Just finding a way I would like.

The ‘what’ stayed unclear too. I would discover that myself, so I was told.

And of course, that’s how it went. A few years and many treatments later, I can say without any doubt or feigned modesty that Pasting is really something special.

I’ve witnessed the most intense and moving breakthroughs and changes, but also much frustration, resistance and aversion. Pasting is not an easy treatment. Not to give and not to receive. But who is willing to look honestly to own patterns and has the courage to actively change those patterns, will discover Pasting as an important handle to explore the Authentic Self.

After introducing Pasting as a ‘healing’ for a few years, advancing insight showed me that Universally speaking nothing has to heal. We are whole as we are. But it’s all about becoming aware and that’s what Pasting does. Activating old patterns, so they can be recognized and you can choose if you want to replace those patterns with other patterns or not.