Around 1960 Nobel prize-winners Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod already presented the first theories about cellular memory and to this very day there are more and more discoveries about this fascinating part of our Self.

During our life we – unconsciously – pick up signals from our environment that we adopt as truth, because we do not have access yet to the knowledge to refute those signals. We call those signals ‘phantom beliefs’.

And this is why we are convinced – up to the deepest core of our cells – that
…you are only allowed to be here, when you do something worthwhile
…some thing are just not achievable for you
…you will amount to nothing

etc. etc.

The cellular memory will store those phantom beliefs and at some point we will be so used to this phantom belief, we don’t even realize that we think and react from a belief that holds us back, brings us down and limit us. This pattern is turned into an Automatic Pilot.

And that is where Pasting comes in, because during the treatment some patterns will be touched, and they will show themselves ENLARGED in daily situations.
So basically you will be made aware of patterns you may not even know you (still) had!

We offer Pasting as a long-haul treatment. We use a picture (send by you by email). After receiving your financial contribution, we set a date and time. It’s important you will be able to receive the Pasting fully relaxed. It is very common to fall asleep during or after a Pasting treatment, so allow yourself time for that.
You will also get access to the private space on a message board.

The treatment itself will take approximately a half hour to three quarters of an hour, but we always take the time that proves to be necessary. Next we will send you an account of the treatment and the messages we received.
This report can be discussed on the private message board and you can share your thoughts and experiences surrounding the Pasting for a month. This follow-up care is included in your contribution.

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