During the Pasting treatment, some points in your body will be ‘touched’. These points symbolise certain patterns and these patterns will show themselves INLARGED in the following weeks.
So basically you will be made aware of patterns you probably didn’t know where there (anymore)!

And is that necessary? To be aware of them? No. If your life functions the way you want it to, there is absolutely no need.
But if you stumble upon things in your life you don’t understand, Pasting can help you to get those old patterns clear, so you can see why your life is the way it is right now.

As said, Pasting is an intense treatment. This doesn’t mean it’s all heavy and difficult. Quite the contrary! It all depends on how light or heavy you choose to make it.
Pasting offers a voyage of discovery through old phantom believes that’s stored in your cellular memory. And when you judge your own emotions of behaviour, it can be tricky to look at a pattern like that.
But when you’re able to accept every aspect of yourself, Pasting can be one big party, because you finally will be in a position to discover where you get stuck and to create a change.

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