Do you need someone else to experience Pasting? Most certainly not. Your own healing capacity is infinite, so no, you don’t need anyone else.

But maybe you’d like some back-up, some feedback. Someone who has more overview, but he or she can watch your pattern from a distance.
In that case, you can rely on us.

For every Pasting we ask a financial contribution. Not for the activation itself, because that was a gift to me to pass on, but for the time and energy I put in.

I’m starting to understand more and more that it’s all about the Universal Balance between giving and receiving and I found my personal balance in the following sum.

A standard Pasting treatment requires a contribution of 45 euro, tax included.
Aftercare - a report of my findings and access to a private message board for two weeks with an minimum of 3 responses – is included in that price.

In need of a more intense aftercare and more responses? That’s possible, but this increased input is converted into an increased contribution.

This XL Pasting will cost you 100 euro (tax included) and offers the report, the private message board for two weeks and at least 7 responses.

Because Pasting opperates on a cellular level, the treatment will continue to work for some time. The possible next Pasting is therefore only available after a month.

If there’s a need to keep the aftercare going after two weeks, without a new Pasting treatment, extra aftercare can be purchased.
Two extra weeks – with at least 3 responses – will require a contribution of 30 euro, tax included. Two XL weeks – with a minimum of 7 responses – will cost you 85 euro, including tax.