Sometimes you just can not put into words what it’s like and Pasting is hard to describe. To really understand what happens during a treatment, you have to experience it yourself.

If you want to work towards Step 2 – Applying Pasting to someone else – you really need to find out what Pasting has to offer. Because Pasting is an unique process where the following treatments will go deeper and deeper.
So before you can start with Step 2, we ask you to experience at least five XL Pastings.

This completion of Step 1 allows you to feel if Pasting is really your cup of tea. Every treatment will be charged separately, so if you – for whatever reason – decide after one or more treatments that Pasting doesn’t fit you, you can leave Step 1 when you want.

Eventually Step 1 will cost you 500 euro (5 XL Pasting treatments of 100 euro each).
If you already experienced some standard Pasting treatments and you want to step into the training process, we will use a formula that includes the standard Pastings. We strongly recommend, however, to experience at least 2 XL Pastings before moving into Step 2.

Because Pasting works on cellular level, the treatment will continue to work for some time. The possible next Pasting is therefore only available after a month.