If you have experienced receiving and giving Pasting treatments, changes are that you want this treatment to pass on to others yourself.
This means you’re ready for Step 3.
The training process of this step is basically similar to Step 2, but this time we will concentrate on training others.

The emphasis of this step is sharing own experiences and offering support and guidance.

Step 2 also starts with a live session in a weekend. We’ll rent an apartment room in a hotel and start the training in de afternoon. During this session you will practice the passing on of information. I will be your testee.
We will enjoy good meal and after diner you can enjoy the rest of the evening in your own way. I will leave you with a certificate and a textbook.
You can stay over in the hotel and enjoy a good breakfast, the next morning.
The costs of the hotel, the diner and the breakfast are included in the training contribution.

After this session you’re allowed on a private message board, for as long as you want, for some back-up and feedback.
You will also be mentioned as a certified Pasting Trainer on this website, with a link to your own website. This is all included in Step 3.
We also offer you the opportunity to create your own page on this website. This option is not included in the price. Please contact us for more details.

Step 3, including the live session and online back-up, costs 3000 euro, including tax.