On this page we offer a list of Pasting Practitioners, trained by the Pasting Centre.
Every Pasting Practitioner can shape Pasting into a form that fits the personal view. This gives you the opportunity to find a form that fits you the most.
The contribution is also set by the Pasting Practitioner, so prices may vary. Please contact the Pasting Practitioner of your choice about his of her form and contribution.


Pasting Recipient, Trainer & Practitioner
Initiator van Pasting Centre

Form: remote treatment with a photograph. Report of the treatment by email and two weeks aftercare in a private message board included.

Contribution: Standard Pasting (at least 3 responses) : 45 euro (tax included)
XL Pasting (at least 7 responses) : 100 euro (tax included)

MAIL for more information.

Certified Pasting Practitioners:

We proudly introduce Ellen Jacover as Pasting Practitioner.

She completed her Pasting II training on 28 juli 2007 and is available for Pasting treatments.

her for more information.